Color Flooding Puzzle
Color Flooding Puzzle
Color Flooding Puzzle
Color Flooding Puzzle
Color Flooding Puzzle
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Color Flooding Puzzle is a fascinating puzzle game that challenges you through coloring. You will be in a maze full of colored squares, and you need to dye all the squares the same color within a limited number of times.

Hi friends! Welcome to Color Flooding Puzzle - a fun free puzzle game! Are you ready? In this game, you will face various challenging levels. Your goal is to dye different colors into the same color, and each level has a limit on the number of dyes. Dye all the colors the same color within the specified number of times. Let’s take a look at what features this game has!

What are the Key Features of Color Flooding Puzzle?

  • Rich and diverse level design: There are many different levels in the game waiting for your challenge. Each level has unique puzzles and layouts to make your gaming experience more diverse.
  • Easy-to-use operation: The operation is very simple, just click on the square to dye. No complicated steps are required, allowing you to easily get started with the game.
  • Intellectual challenge and strategic thinking: In the game, you need to carefully consider the dyeing sequence of each step to achieve the best results. Through sound strategy and thinking, you will solve the puzzles of each level.
  • Cute game interface and sound effects: Cute graphics and cheerful sound effects are used to bring you a pleasant gaming experience. Let you feel fun and relax in the game.

How to play this game?

  • Click on the squares to dye: Click on the squares to dye them, dyeing adjacent squares with the same color. You need to choose the order and direction of dyeing reasonably to achieve the goal of dyeing all blocks.
  • Consider the remaining dyeing times: Each level has a certain dyeing limit. When dyeing, consider the remaining number of dyeing times and arrange the dyeing sequence reasonably to ensure that the task is completed within the specified number of times.
  • Challenge higher difficulty: As the game progresses, the difficulty of the levels will gradually increase. You need to use your wisdom and strategy to overcome more difficulties and challenge higher scores and rewards.

How to Win in the Game?

The key is to plan the dyeing sequence appropriately and consider the impact of each step. Through clever operation and thinking, dye all the blocks into the same color to complete the task within the specified number of times. Remember, each level has a different layout and limited time, so use your strategy flexibly to achieve the best results. I believe you can become a dyeing master!


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