Skibydi Rush
Skibydi Rush
Skibydi Rush
Skibydi Rush
Skibydi Rush
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Skibydi Rush is a very interesting adventure game at for all those who like puzzles. The cute Skibydi Rush characters and various interesting-level designs in the game will bring you endless joy.

Skibydi Rush is a relaxing and fun puzzle game. You need to help the adorable Skibydi Rush get home by drawing lines that connect them to their respective toilets and avoiding them from bumping into each other. If they collide, their heads will spin and the game will fail. You have to avoid various obstacles to get all Skibydi Rush home safely and win the game!


  • Draw lines to connect the Skibydi Rush to their respective toilets
  • Lines drawn cannot cross or intersect other Skibydi Rush lines
  • Various obstacles such as walls and traps

How to avoid collisions in Skibydi Rush?

  1. Observe the level layout and plan your route wisely
  2. Avoid your route intersecting with Skibydi routes
  3. Keep distance between Skibydi

Key Features

  • Easy to play
  • Diverse level design


Mouse move to draw lines
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