Wedding Artist
Wedding Artist
Wedding Artist
Wedding Artist
Wedding Artist
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Wedding Artist is a delightful and magical online game that will make you feel like a real wedding decorator!

Wedding Artist is a game that allows you to experience the joy and excitement of planning a wedding. As a bridesmaid, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your artistic skills and create a stunning wedding atmosphere. With its vibrant visuals and charming characters, this game will transport you into a world of love and celebration!

What are the Key Features of the Wedding Artist?

  • Spa treatments: Provide the bride with soothing and relaxing spa treatments to help her rejuvenate and look beautiful before her wedding.
  • Hair Design: Design a variety of gorgeous hairstyles, from elegant updos to romantic half-tied hairstyles, to make the bride dazzling at the wedding.
  • Nail Art: Design a unique and beautiful pattern for the bride's nails to show off her personality and taste.
  • Makeup skills: Use a variety of cosmetics to create the perfect makeup to make the bride look glamorous at the wedding.
  • Fashionable outfits: Choose gorgeous dresses and accessories suitable for the wedding, making the bride the most dazzling centerpiece at the wedding.
  • Make invitations: Make beautiful invitations by hand, and use your creativity and heart to add warmth and personality to the wedding.
  • DIY gift boxes and bouquets: Make unique gift boxes and bouquets with your own hands to send the most special blessings and love to the bride.
  • Make wedding cakes: Learn to make beautiful wedding cakes, using colors and creativity to add sweetness and deliciousness to your wedding.
  • Dress up the groom: Choose a suitable dress and tie for the groom to make him a gentleman who perfectly matches the bride.

Recommendation to Players:

Wedding Artist is an exciting and fun game for all kids who love weddings and creativity! You will develop your design skills, creativity, and hands-on skills by participating in spa treatments, hairstyling, nail art, makeup techniques, fashion dressing, and making wedding-related items. This game not only allows you to experience the fun of being a wedding planner but also cultivates your aesthetics, imagination, and teamwork spirit.


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